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The Ultimate Blueprint To Create Radio-Ready Mixes, Using Proven Techniques That Work In Any DAW (With The Gear You Already Have!)

Yes! I'm ready to... create radio-ready mixes, save time with proven mixing shortcuts, and learn step-by-step mixing systems that work for ANY song in ANY style!​


I Understand That When I Act Now, I Get My "Ultimate Mixing Blueprint" 8-DVD Set, Including:

  • A total mixing blueprint to follow for any song, in any DAW, in any style (and get great results with the gear you already have).
  • Step-by-step systems to save time and finish more mixes.
  • The absolute easiest (and smartest) ways to approach Audio Effects, Compression, and EQ.
  • The "secret tricks" the pros use to get amazing sound of of their mixes.
  • Simple techniques to help improve your mixing skills faster... and create great sounding mixes RIGHT NOW!

Here's What's Included In "The Ultimate Mixing Blueprint" 8-DVD Set:

DVD #1 – Mixing Fundamentals. Improve your mixes by learning (if you’re a beginner) or re-thinking (if you’re more advanced) the key fundamentals of successful mixing. Videos cover acoustic treatment, monitoring setup and best practices, guidance for perfecting (and speeding up) your workflow, and staying organized. Learn where to begin any mix, how to build a killer mix reference CD, the power of presets, and more.

DVD #2 – Mixing Secrets. Key tips, tricks and shortcuts that help you get better sound in any project. Learn how to save on your CPU load while mixing, effective shortcuts for panning schemes, and how to approach gain staging and create adequate headroom so your mastering engineer won’t hate you. You’ll also get guidance in building height, width, and depth into your mix through the use of EQ and the Haas Effect. Lastly, I share a step-by-step way to get KILLER low end balance.

DVD #3 – EQ Fundamentals. Get key techniques for creating more separation between tracks, reducing mud, and discover the best frequencies to emphasize or cut for any instrument. Explore how to best use high-pass and low-pass filters for addressing mud or harshness, respectively. Using linear phase EQs, contextual and solo EQ’ing, and EQ’ing virtual instruments are also covered.

DVD #4 – EQ Secrets. Learn how to utilize EQ’ing techniques like EQ sweeping (to find tonal essence and problematic frequencies), EQ flipping/swapping (for track separation), and how to De-ess with equalizers. Discover new ways to use equalizers to explore your own creativity, while also getting a new step-by-step system to EQ literally anything.

DVD #5 – Compression Fundamentals. Improve your compression skills by re-thinking attack and release times and compression settings for any track. Learn how to create a pro mix with parallel compression, multiband compression, and limiting (including when not to use it), and how to start on the right path with compression from the beginning. In addition to other instruction for nailing compression in your mix, the age old question of “should you compress or EQ first?” is answered.

DVD #6 – Compression Secrets. Discover more detailed tips and techniques for using compression. Learn how to give your tracks and mix more “glue”, how to compress vocals (and other instruments, including bass) without ruining them, and how use compression to make your mix even more radio ready. You’ll also learn compression techniques the pros use to make their mixes shine (like using NYC compression tricks, sidechain compression, and multiband compression for added energy).

DVD #7 – Audio Effect Fundamentals. Get guidance on how to avoid ruining your mix through over-processing, also getting instruction in using inserts vs sends for any effect. Explore how to use reverb effectively, and how to use delay well (and how to calculate delay times for any mix goal). Lastly, explore how to utilize lesser-known effects (phasers, tremolo, vibrato, flanging, and chorus) to add color and character to mixes.

DVD #8 – Audio Effect Secrets. Learn how to create reverbs that achieve a variety of mix goals such as blend, size, sustain, tone, and spread. Discover how to layer effects like a pro, while using delay for extra depth and thickness. Ever wonder how a Grammy Winner approaches effects, or ways in which distortion can benefit ANY mix? That’s covered as well.

The Ultimate Mixing Blueprint

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Scott Hawksworth

Scott Hawksworth
Founder, Recording Excellence​

P.S. Every minute you wait to get “The Ultimate Mixing Blueprint” is another minute your mixes will sound more like amateur demos and less like the music you enjoy. Get this Blueprint and start improving immediately!

P.P.S. But don’t just take my word for it… take a look at what these Recording Excellence customers have to say...

Spencer Breidenbach Portland, OR

Great DVD! Really helped me out a lot in a time of real frustration with my mixes. Great info given in a way I could understand immediately and put into practice right away. Thanks!

I will purchase more in the future!

Dennis Prosser Akron, OH

Scott and the team at Recording Excellence have increased my ability to actually pay attention to my mixing more in depth.

They emphasize small changes in a step-by-step way so that you can produce equivalent results each time.

All in all, what I have learned is to TRUST YOUR EARS. There isn't always a continuous solution to mixing, but your goal is to make the vocal sound good to YOU first and no one else.

I strongly recommend purchasing any product from these guys. Getting valuable information is priceless.

Derek Gutierrez Los Angeles, CA

Got the mixing DVD and all I can say is Wow!

You have made my recording, mixing, and mastering much easier! Thank you!​

Robert Adams Indianapolis, IN

Having gotten out of the business in the mid-80's at the infancy of digital recording and mixing, I found the videos extremely helpful and educational.

Some of these tasks used to be difficult at best. The videos are well thought out, well shot, and easy to understand.

The Ultimate Mixing Blueprint

Was $349.00 ...  Now Only:

1 Single Payment of $197 Today!

Add To Cart – Just $197