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The Art of Mixing Vocals (Downloadable Course)

The Art of Mixing Vocals is a downloadable video course.

After this course, you'll know how to...

  • Apply Grammy-winning techniques for making vocals thicker and weightier in your mixes
  • Compress vocals the RIGHT way... without killing their dynamics
  • Apply EQ to vocals to clean up mud and emphasize key frequencies
  • Record a clean vocal, no matter what room you're in or what gear you have
  • Use great singing and recording techniques from the beginning
  • Implement the secrets that Grammy winning pros use to highlight the most pleasing tones
  • Choose the best plugins to use for mixing vocals that impress
  • De-ess the right way... without taking the life out of the vocal
  • Address plosive issues... without compromising the character of the vocal
  • Craft vocals that sit right in the mix with great blend, while also being up-front and present
  • Get great results with a consistent vocal performance without having to always use compression
  • Mix incredible vocals no matter what DAW you use or what gear you own
  • Gain vocals the right way, to preserve tonality
  • Get the very best out of your vocal mixes!

The Art of Mixing Vocals - Click Here

Site Updates

September 13, 2017: We have recently published some in-depth "Super Guides" at the new site, "Audio Skills."

I'm really proud of the finished content (as well as how many expert contributors helped out!) ​