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5 Home Recording Mistakes to Avoid

Recording at home isn't easy, but knowing which mistakes to avoid can make your sessions much more successful. The other day I was talking about this very thing with my buddy Jared Cummans, who's in a band called Ballroom Boxer. His band recently finished recording an album from home, and Jared was kind enough to share some wisdom he gained from the experience. Here are 5 home [...]

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What Is Phase and Why Is it Important?

When I first started learning about audio I kept coming across this term "phase." At first, I didn't really think it applied to me, which was a mistake... especially when I started using multiple microphones to record instruments, and ventured into mixing drums recorded with multiple mics. I learned the hard way how important it is to understand what phase is. What is Phase? [...]

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The Best and Worst Mixing Advice Ever

I write a lot about recording and mixing; publishing blog posts, writing guides, and even releasing videos. So you know I'm a huge fan of offering up tips and advice when it comes to audio. However, in my time reading and watching videos and connecting with the audio community I've come across two pieces of advice offered up by experienced engineers that I think is both amo [...]

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What’s the Best USB Audio Interface Under $100?

A while ago I wrote about my recommendations for the best vocal microphone under $100, and received a few questions about budget audio interfaces. I figured it would be helpful to address that here. Audio interfaces are so crucial to recording (unless you're planning on simply running everything through a USB microphone), but they can be EXPENSIVE. It's also important to kee [...]

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